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About us


Next consciously and differently designs eco-friendly products that preserve traditions and bring joy.

Its first mission: to reduce waste generated both in production and consumption.

To do so, Next follows the circular economy’s concept: we recover new materials that would otherwise have ended up in waste to manufacture our products.

We work so that Next represents everyday its values ​​as faithfully as possible. This approach requires a lot of research, time and patience.

But, it’s important for us to develop ideas and relationships with partners who are conscientious, committed and passionate. Next wants to rally people willing to do their part. We believe that collective effort can make a real difference.

Made smarter

It means to borrow the least new resources from the Earth while generating the least waste, to use the resources and know-how here.

For smarter use

It means to review the way we consume, to promote reuse and local purchasing!

The founders

Next was founded in February 2020 by two entrepreneurs who have always wanted to make a difference in terms of environment.

It all started when Maude, one of the two founders, realized how polluting gift wrap made from foil and laminated paper is. After researching sustainable alternatives, she realized that few options represented traditional gift wrapping. We therefore set ourselves the challenge of finding a solution to this question: how to be more eco-friendly, reduce waste and reduce our ecological footprint while preserving our traditions?

We were inspired by the Japanese folding technique, named furoshiki. We worked on a concept that kept the magic of “unwrapping gifts” and we had to make the bow our superstar!

From there was born the Vice-VersaKIT, our original eco-friendly gift wrap set!

Maude and Gabrielle

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