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Made smarter, for smarter use

We have a mission: to give a second life, a second chance to new fabrics that are unused or even thrown away… to make eco-friendly Quebec gift wraps.
Basically, we reduce waste and spread joy!

Having fun unwrapping gifts in a responsible way

A project that makes sense

“We have been trying to do our part for the environment since we were young. Recycle, compost, reduce, buy in bulk. We want to create something bigger than us. Giving materials a next chance in order to avoid extracting new resources from the Earth to reduce waste: the company was born from this idea. “

Gabrielle and Maude

5,500 pounds of rescued fabrics

5,500 pounds of rescued fabrics

We are finding ways to divert new fabrics that would have normally gone to landfills.


“Very nice company, aware of the environment and of all the gestures that we can take individually and as a society. Good products and excellent services !!! “

Mylène Lehoux-Customer


We are thrilled! Excited at the idea of embarking on a positive impact project. Excited to share our discoveries and our values. Excited to create with you a more conscientious community

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